Be Prepared

The Boy Scout Motto

Please be prepared and bring all the items you will need
when you go camping.  Some items may be coordinated with others to avoid
duplication.  Bolded items are highly recommended

Items in red are loaded on
the trailer, but if in doubt, bring it!

Tent & tent pegs/stakes

Tent Broom

Tarp for under Tent

Rake (to clear area under tent)

Sleeping Bags

Air mattress, Cot, Sleeping pad

Extra Blankets


Ear Plugs

Bug Repellant (Non Aerosol)

Sun Screen


Flash Light

Folding Chairs (Handy around the campfire)


Canteen or water bottle

Cord, rope, clothes pins

Long fork or hangers for roasting

Small tools, hammer, wrench

Bucket – for water to put out fire

Shovel, to put out campfire

First Aid Kit

Fishing gear

Pack and Den Flags

Food, Snacks, Beverages, Coffee

Ice Chest / Cooler w/ice

Hot Pads or gloves

Plastic / Paper cups, plates,
utensils, bowls

Coffee mugs

Paper towels, napkins

Toilet paper

Soap, Hand Sanitizer

Dish rags & Dish soap, Brillo

Can opener

Garbage bags

Baby wipes

Extra change of clothes including socks and underwear
(Place clothing in Ziploc bags to keep dry)

Sleep clothes

Hiking Boots

Rain gear

Sweatshirt and/or Jacket


Towels and washcloth

Personal items & toiletries

Books (Tree / Bird Identification or Other)

Cub Scout Handbooks


Good Attitude 🙂

Pocketknife – Only Cub scouts who have earned their
whittling chip and are supervised by a parent are allowed to have knives.

NOTE: Please Leave Your Pets At Home!



Fruit Cobbler

2 cans of fruit pie filling (we’ve tried apple, peach, pear, cherry and blueberry)
2 boxes yellow or white cake mix
1 1/2 cups brown sugar
1 1/2 cups quick cook oatmeal
1 1/2 sticks of butter
•Line dutch oven with aluminum foil (not necessary, but makes clean-up easier).
•Empty 2 cans of pie filling into the bottom of the dutch oven and spread evenly.
•Pour in 2 boxes of cake mix and spread evenly.
•Top with brown sugar, oatmeal and butter cut into slices.
•Put lid on oven, put on top of 12 hot coals and put another 8 on top of the lid. Cook for 45 minutes.
•Feeds 8-12, depending on how hungry you are!